MLS Laser Therapy

North Texas Foot & Ankle is proud to be on the forefront of medical technology, by providing the FDA approved MLS Laser Therapy treatment for foot and ankle injuries, pain, and other conditions.


What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser Therapy is an innovative breakthrough in restoring mobility to patients. This innovative procedure has been proven successful through extensive and credible studies conducted by some of the finest institutions in the United States, including Harvard University. MLS Therapy uses an MLS pulse, which is a combined, synchronized emission of continuous and pulsed laser emissions with different infrared wavelengths, to address swelling, pain, and loss of joint motion simultaneously. Through exposure to the MLS Laser, cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles repair themselves faster, allowing pain to subside quickly as inflammation is reduced.


Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy for Foot & Ankle Conditions

MLS Laser Therapy is an effective treatment for conditions such as tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue injuries, muscle strains and tears, sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions, and more. Benefits of MLS include timely healing of sprains and strains, rapid recovery of the structural integrity of the injured region, immediate improvement of local blood circulation, and rapid repair of superficial injuries such as wounds and ulcers.


MLS Laser Therapy treatments last between 10-15 minutes each and do not require any local anesthesia. The benefits generally last between two and three days. In order to achieve optimal and sometimes permanent results, a standard series of 6-10 treatments is recommended, with treatments separated by at least 15 hours.

When a physical condition or injury affects a patient’s mobility or quality of life, MLS Laser Therapy is a highly effective, affordable, and non-invasive option to manage pain, inflammation, and other conditions. Through this advanced technology, patients can often find relief from foot and ankle pain without needing injections, medications, or surgery.



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