Keryflex : An Innovative Way to Attractive Nails

North Texas Foot & Ankle now offers a new technique to improve the appearance of nails damaged by fungus and other conditions.


Affordable Nail Restoration System


KeryFlex is a nail restoration system that uses polymer resins and special activators, creating a durable and flexible artificial nail when exposed to a certain frequency of UV light. North Texas Foot & Ankle podiatry specialists are trained in this innovative technique. 

Keryflex is a great option for an individual who has a special event or wants to wear sandals but is unable to do so due to appearance of their nail. This is especially beneficial in patients undergoing fungal treatment as nail regrows since it helps prevent reinfection during the clearing process.

KeryFlex differs from traditional acrylic and gel nails in the following ways:

  • Keryflex is a non-porous material (this prevents water from absorbing in nail and therefore provides a “protective” environment to prevent fungus. Traditional acrylic is porous allowing water to absorb underneath)
  • Keryflex is flexible – adhering to the shape of each individual toe
  • Nail polish and non-acetone nail polish remover can be applied often without negative impact on the resin
  • Keryflex is only available through a certified podiatrist’s office

KeryFlex Nail Restoration Procedure

The KeryFlex procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes per nail. After the procedure, the patient is able to put on their socks, shoes, and apply nail polish, etc… The applications generally last between six and eight weeks, at which time the patient can return for another application. If patients which to have the KeryFlex nail removed, North Texas Foot & Ankle’s specialists can detach it from the natural nail.

While KeryFlex is not a treatment for onychomycosis and other related disorders of the nail, it is designed for cosmetic use to make a patient’s nail appear more attractive while the nail heals and fungal infection clears.

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